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Amazon - PlayStation 5: Complaints about non-delivery of orders!

Amazon said it was currently investigating what happened to the PlayStation 5's delivery failure following reports of theft. Some customers of his giant E-commerce located in United Kingdom opened the boxes that were delivered to them, however, instead of finding the PlayStation 5 they had ordered, they found irrelevant products such as home Appliances and games.

Many believed that their consoles had been stolen during the delivery process, leading them to blame the staff who delivered the orders. Amazon said in an official statement that it regretted the incident, stressing that it was conducting thorough investigations to solve the mystery of the orders.

Amazon - PlayStation 5

The lack of stock of PlayStation 5 consoles, as well as the fact that they are sold at exorbitant prices Internet, led customers to fear that their distribution had been stolen.

Dissatisfied customers posted on Twitter photos and video with products they received instead of the PlayStation 5, such as fryers, dog food, electric grills or even lamps of Himalayan salt. While many of the allegations could not be verified, Amazon acknowledged that there were delivery problems.

Amazon - PlayStation 5: Complaints about non-delivery of orders

Amazon said in a statement: "Our goal is to satisfy our customers, which did not happen in a small percentage of these orders. We contact each customer who encountered a problem and informed us to correct it. Anyone who has had a problem with any order can contact the customer service team for assistance. "

PlayStation 5

In addition, many customers reported seeing delivery drivers stop outside their homes shortly before driving and receiving a notification from Amazon that their product had been "delivered." However, others said that in the boxes they received, there were notes that made it clear that the items they received were intended for someone else. Lack of stock also means that it may not be possible to replace a product.

Finally, it is worth noting that some ecommerce sites like eBay sell the console at the price of hundreds of pounds, which is more than the recommended retail price.

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