HomesecurityFake Minecraft modpacks bombard devices with ads

Fake Minecraft modpacks bombard devices with ads

Hackers managed to bypass his defenses Google Play Store and post more than 20 fake modpacks for the popular Minecraft game.

Essentially, applications are empty shells trying to attract children and teenagers who want to modify their game. They do not download any malware, but affect the operation of the phone.

Minecraft modpacks ads

One million facilities

Once the fake Minecraft modpacks are installed, Ads continue to appear across the phone screen. One of these modpacks displays ads every two minutes.

Depending on the commands received from the server, the applications can also open the Google Play, the Facebook or play videos on YouTube.

Fake Minecraft modpacks were discovered by researchers security of Kaspersky on July. The researchers found that the most successful of these had more than a million downloads.

Scammers have tried to keep their business secret by posting applications under different developer names. They also tried to enhance their ranking using bots that generated positive reviews.

However, when users started downloading fake Minecraft modpacks, bad reviews started appearing because the applications they did absolutely nothing. This great discrepancy in the reviews is suspicious and was one of the elements that helped them researchers to find out that the applications were fake. The same description was also used in many modpacks.

Delete applications immediately

The researchers noted that When the user closes one of these fake Minecraft modpacks, its icon disappears from the phone screen. This strange behavior was reported in the bad reviews of the applications.

Many users did not realize that it was a scam, believed that the application was removed from the device and asked the developer to fix it. Apparently, they kept seeing ads.

According to Kaspersky researcher, Igor Golovin, modpacks were a bit "difficult" from the beginning, which is why most users, especially children and teenagers, do not waste time looking for them. They may even forget them, as they no longer appear on their screen. So they do not bother to remove them from their device.

The correct way to remove malicious applications is the "Applications" menu in the "Settings" of the device. According to the researchers, the fake Minecraft modpacks are not so advanced that they can be reinstalled on their own.

The apps are no longer in the Google Play Store, however the users who already have them on their mobile, will continue to see ads.

Minecraft gamers should be careful with the modpacks they download, especially if they come from unofficial application stores. The following modpacks have been removed from Google but are available at other stores:

  • Zone Modding Minecraft
  • Textures for Minecraft ACPE
  • Seeded for Minecraft ACPE
  • Mods for Minecraft ACPE
  • Darcy Minecraft Mod

Source: Bleeping Computer

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