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Google Workspace: How it unlocked the subscription software market

In fact, Google has made it easier for smaller players.

A startup starting in 2020 seems to be very different from a startup company released in 2007. In 2007, a new company required large capital expenditures to build a Windows infrastructure for email tools, file storage, accounting and marketing. It would cost tens of thousands of euros and require the hiring of IT experts for infrastructure development and management.

Google workspace

Today, all of these solutions can be "purchased" using a credit card and paying a monthly fee. With just over a decade to go, all the basic solutions needed to run a company are extremely easy to buy and install - all you need to do is buy a credit card.

But how did we get to that? It certainly did not happen overnight, and we realize that the big changes were made by Google that led to the acceptance of "software as a service" on businesses.

Google Workspace is the complete solution that Google offers to do everything as it says. Many businesses use Google Workspace to bring together Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and many more, so we believe it is important for entrepreneurs to realize the influence that Google has had and what that means for businesses today.

One key thing to remember is that Google Workspace has not only helped to simplify companies' IT infrastructure, but also strengthened their innovation. Before Google Workspace, Microsoft was the only "player" in the business sector. Outlook was the only email available to desktop Even mobile devices either used it Outlook or required exclusive "connections" to one Exchange server.

The only way to ensure "productivity" was with Microsoft Office. If you wanted to create an application, the only way to develop it was to connect directly to Active Directory. In short, Microsoft and its applications were the leaders in corporate technology.

Therefore, instead of fearing Google's popularity, we believe it is important to see how it has opened up the market to new subscription software solutions.

At first, IT professionals were reluctant to "outsource" the management and storage of their emails, but over time their doubts were dispelled. The IT departments did not feel that they would lose her work allowing Google to host their emails. They began to see that it was a way to liberate resources to focus on leveraging technology as a business tool instead of repairing them “broken servers".

Today, as a result of all the above, there are many innovations in business that could not exist in the past.

Fifteen years ago we were in a world where everything a business did was linked to a Microsoft application or something that might have taken millions to develop custom software. As companies became more comfortable with Google, they suddenly became more comfortable with many other online Companies that help manage their corporate activities.


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