HomesecurityHow strong will passwords always be?

How strong will passwords always be?

In our day, h safety of our systems is very important. And one of the most basic security measures we can take is passwords. Using a password manager can be extremely helpful in creating strong passwords.


Which codes are considered valid?

  • Those that are large in size. They have at least 16 characters.
  • Those who are unique. Each online account must have its own password.
  • Those who are original. Use words and phrases that are not familiar to the general public.
  • Those that contain many different characters. Add uppercase letters, numbers and symbols.

A password manager, can instantly generate a random, unique password for each of your accounts. The LastPass for example, it has a built-in password generator that you can use whenever you sign up for a new account or update the password for an existing account. And because these passwords are in LastPass, you never have to worry about forgetting your passwords.


However you must remember the password for the administrator. One of the best ways to create and remember a strong password is to create a "password". An "access phrase" is a long sentence or set of words. It is usually a coincidence, but it can have a personal meaning for you. Add some symbols and numbers to this phrase and you will have a strong and easy for you to remember password.

Check the validity of your password

Password managers give you the ability to check the validity of the passwords you use, through a security control panel. There you can see your overall Safety Index. You can also take a closer look at accounts that have weak or reused passwords, as well as passwords that have been affected by known data breaches.


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