HomesecurityRomanian arrest for operating and selling malware services

Romanian arrest for operating and selling malware services

Romanian police forces proceeded to arrest of two Romanians for operating two malware crypt services, called CyberSeal and DataProtector, and her malware testing service, CyberScan.

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The arrests of the two Romanians are the result of a joint operation carried out by FBI, Europol and the police authorities of Australia and Norway.

"Two Romanian suspects were arrested for allegedly operating cryptos services CyberSeal and Dataprotector for Avoid detection by antivirus software", Reports the Press release published by Europol. "These services have been purchased by more than 1560 Criminals and have been used to encrypt several different types of malware, including Remote Access Trojans, info stealers, and ransomware. The two criminals also ran the Cyberscan service, which allowed customers to test their malware to make sure it avoided tools virus protection".

Crypter services are used by vxers in order to make the malware code so that it is not detected.

International co-operation in apprehending the suspects took place through the EMPACT program and Join Action Crime Task Force (J-CAT).


Cyberscan service, as well as the legal platform VirusTotal, allows users test their malware to see if it is detected by antivirus tools.

Malware developers use it to scan for malware and check for malware. software virus protection. However, unlike the legal VirusTotal, CyberScan does not communicate scan results to antivirus vendors.

"The customers they were paid between $ 40 and $ 300 for crypting services. The service was well structured and offered regular updates and customer support", The press release continues.

Prices for the malware testing service ranged between $ 7 and $ 40.

The two Romanians have been active since at least 2014, when CyberSeal was launched. DataProtector was released in 2015, while CyberScan in 2019.

Police searched four houses in Bucharest and Craiova and arrested the two Romanian malware administrators. THE police managed to close backend infrastructure in Romania, Norway and the United States.

Source: Security Affairs

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