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Home security Hackers leaked nude photos and personal videos of athletes

Hackers leaked nude photos and personal videos of athletes

Cybercriminals have stolen naked photos and video hundreds of well-known athletes and have exhibited them at Internet.

Η attack took place at the same time that hackers they hit her Manchester United. The leak of the nude photos brings to mind a similar incident (Fappening) that took place in 2014 and exposed nude photos of celebrities on the internet.

Hackers leaked nude photos and personal videos of athletes

According to the data, the hackers leaked, inter alia, nude photos stolen from the phones of four British athletes, as part of an attack that has affected hundreds of other sport stars.

Athletes try to control the situation and to remove nude photos and videos, but it is quite difficult.

"The hack, which became known this week, caused panic. One of the leading sports agencies has advised its customers to take additional measures to protect their personal data", Reported the The Times.

The hackers managed to steal 100 photos from a single athlete and more than 30 photos and videos from another.

Athletes do everything they can to remove their photos from dark net.

"It's really hard to know what to do next", Said the representative of one of them. "People who do this are sick. We have seen some very unpleasant cases, even blackmailing people for stolen material".

"It can it may take years to remove nude photos from Internet", He added.

A spokesman for the National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) said: "Access and then staff leakage data of humans is utterly reprehensible", And added that all people should be be very careful and protect their online accounts and their devices.

One of the most important steps one can take to avoid this violations, is the application of two-factor authentication.

"The NCSC advises individuals to enable two-factor authentication, where available", Continues the representative of the NCSC. The spokesman also stressed importance of a strong and unique code access.

Source: Security Affairs


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