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How to set time and date in Mac menu bar

The menu bar in Mac devices displays the time in a simple digital format of hours and minutes by default. However, you can customize it and add the days of the week and the date.


You are given a variety of options. If you prefer, you can choose to display only the time and minutes.

Alternatively, you can only add the day and / or date.

There is also an analog clock option that disables all other functions (including day and date).

You can adjust the time and date in the menu "System Preferences“. To do this, click on its icon Apple on the top left of your Mac, and then click System Preferences.

If you are using macOS Big Sur or newer version, click on “Dock & Menu Bar".

In the sidebar, click on “Clock".

In macos catalina or older versions, click on “Date and time”And then click on“ Clock ”.

If you want to add the days of the week and / or the date, just select the checkboxes next to “Display of the day of the week" and the "Show date".

Select "Show day of the week" and "Show date".

Below this section, you will see “Time options“. Here, you can choose to change it to “Analog".

To display a 24-hour clock, select the check box next to “Use a 24 hour clock“. Select the check box next to “Show am. / mm ”for appearance when it is morning and afternoon.

All changes happen live. In macOS Big Sur or later, you will see a preview of the current clock screen on the top right of the menu “System Preferences"

A preview of the date and time is displayed in the "System Preferences" section. In addition to displaying the date in the menu bar, you can also add a drop-down calendar with Itsycal. Each time you click, you will see your calendar with all your appointments.


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