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How to insert bullets into an Excel spreadsheet

Adding a list of bullets to an Excel worksheet is not simple, but it is possible. Unlike Microsoft Word - or even PowerPoint - there is no way to do this automatically. Instead, we will try some tricks which you can see below.


Enter Bullet Points from the symbol menu

First, select any empty cell in the Excel workbook.


Make sure you open the "Insert" tab and do it click in "Symbol" below the "Symbols" icon.

On our dialog box, type 2022 in the "Character code" box.

Click "Insert" and then "Close".

If you want to add more bullets to the lines below, press ALT + Enter on the keyboard and repeat the previous steps.

Enter Bullet Points in a text box

If you want to skip the functionality of a worksheet and just place a text box on top, it's a simpler procedure from the above, although you will lose some of the worksheet functionality as it will function more like a document Word.

Go to the "Insert" tab and click on the "Text Box" under the "Text" menu.

Click anywhere on worksheet to add the text box. To resize, grab any of the corners, drag it to the desired size, then release the "mouse button".

Enter the list items in the text box.


Highlight the items to which you want to add dots. To add the dots, right-click on the list, and then click "Bullets" from the list of options.

Choose the style of your dots.

Enter Bullet Points using keyboard shortcuts

Click the cell where you want to start the list of bullets.


For a standard dot, press Alt + 7 on your keyboard. You can also use Alt + 9 if you prefer a circular dot.

To add more dots, simply click on the square in the lower right corner, hold down the mouse button and drag the mouse down (either left or right) to fill in extra cells.


Alternatively, if you want to add your dots to a non-neighbor cell, just highlight the dots and press Ctrl + C to copy and then Ctrl + P to paste it into a new area.


Excel, like most Microsoft Office products, has many ways to do the same thing. Just select it way which works best for you and what you are trying to achieve.

Source: howtogeek.com


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