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Microsoft adds consumer features to Teams

Microsoft launched the Teams consumer capabilities on iOS and Android earlier this year. As of yesterday, November 19, the consumer capabilities of Teams began to circulate in both computers and browsers.


Microsoft has available preview versions of the following features in Teams web and desktop apps:

  • Start a personal chat or create a group chat with up to 250 people.
  • Seamlessly sync existing conversations from a phone to a computer, and continue the conversations on the device of your choice.
  • Talk all day for free with friends and relatives via video calls or voice calls.
  • Share video call invitations with anyone, even if they do not have Teams.
  • View up to 49 people in one frame in Gallery view or Together mode.
  • Upload and share photos and videos from your PC in any personal or group chat.

To access these Teams consumer features, users must download the Teams desktop application and sign in or create a personal Microsoft account. Users also have the option to add a personal account to one belongings Teams account. To use the capabilities of Teams in one Browser, go to this link and sign in or create a personal Microsoft account.

Microsoft also announced that it has added previews of more consumer capabilities to existing Teams mobile apps. Users have the choice chat with contacts in iOS and Android who have not installed Teams on their phone by adding them to a group chat. Also another new feature released allows users to provide updates/ notifications about their physical location.

Just a reminder why many are unaware of it: There is no separate application for Teams consumers. Instead, Microsoft is adding consumer capabilities to existing Teams applications.



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Teo Ehc
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Microsoft adds consumer features to Teams

Microsoft launched the Teams consumer capabilities on iOS and Android earlier this year. From yesterday, November 19, ...

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