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Home security Hackers from China, Russia, Iran and North Korea are targeting ...

Hackers from China, Russia, Iran and North Korea are targeting Canada!

A report published by Cyber ​​Security Center of Canada, entitled National Cyber ​​Threat Assessment 2020, warns of risks associated with state hackers in China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. The report identifies existing cyber threats, the possibility of new ones threats, but also how Canadian citizens could be affected by them.

In particular, the report states that malicious agents in cyberspace are becoming more and more complex, with cybercrime as a threat that is likely to hit Canadians. In addition, the ransomware attacks will target increasingly large businesses and critical infrastructure providers of the country.

Hackers from China, Russia, Iran and North Korea aim to disrupt critical infrastructure in Canada, including the electricity industry. The hackers associated with these countries are greater strategic threats to Canada and according to the report, they will continue to try to steal significantly data from Canada, including those related to Mesures COVID-19. Hackers orchestrate campaigns espionage but also online campaigns for influence.

Hackers from China, Russia, Iran and North Korea target Canada

The report also states that other countries are rapidly developing their capabilities in cyberspace, which is why the Canadian government considers that hackers will continue to target businesses, universities and its governments.

Hackers from China, Russia, Iran and North Korea target Canada

In addition, the report emphasizes that Canada's defense against cyber threats and related influence operations requires addressing both the technical and social aspects of cyber threat activity. Investments in its field cyber security will allow Canadians to take advantage of the new technologies, while ensuring that security is not unjustly jeopardized, privacy, the country's economic prosperity and national security.

Finally, the report notes that enhancing Canada 's security is approached through cooperation, combining the expertise of government, industry and academia.


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Hackers from China, Russia, Iran and North Korea are targeting Canada!

A report published by the Cyber ​​Security Center of Canada, entitled "National Cyber ​​Threat Assessment 2020", warns of risks associated with ...

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