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Fake QR codes expose your cell phone to hackers

Nowadays, QR codes are everywhere, as they are easy to use and fast. The word itself means "quick response". THE scan The password with your phone's camera has many functions such as opening the phone browser or even downloading an instant application for services such as renting a means of transportation or paying for parking.

However, the popularity they have gained has attracted many malicious factors.

According to Alex Mosher the company's MobileIron, QR codes are another gateway for an attacker to enter mobile of a user.

MobileIron recently surveyed 2.100 phone users in the United States and the United Kingdom. He found that 40% had scanned at least one QR code in the previous week and 53% would like to scan more QR codes. But 71% admitted they could not find one malicious QR code.

Mark Kraynak, a former technology executive, says he fell victim to a malicious QR code. Use the QR code of a small business as part of an intact equipment rental process.

"He asked for a credit card and I thought it might have been part of the payment, but it was not." said Kraynak.

Instead, a charge of $ 40 appeared somewhere in Eastern Europe. Fortunately, his credit card company managed to reverse the false charge.

How does the attack work?

Mosher typically says that thieves create malicious QR codes that simply stick over a "real" one and wait for someone to scan them. user. Malicious passwords can steal credit card information or even open a device to invaders. Therefore, you should check for violations before making a scan.

To protect your phone from potentially harmful, malicious QR codes, experts recommend that you avoid blindly scanning QR codes and always consider the source. If you can, check the code itself to see if anyone has a problem with it. Mosher also recommends adding security software to your phone. Finally, if you find that you have fallen victim In case of such an attack, contact your bank immediately to avoid further charges.


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Fake QR codes expose your cell phone to hackers

Nowadays, QR codes are everywhere, as they are easy to use and fast. The word itself means "quick response". The scan ...

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