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Apple will pay $ 113 million for deliberate slowdown of iPhones

Apple has agreed to pay millions of dollars in 34 states over its previous controversial practice of deliberately slowing down older iPhones to extend their battery life.

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The company will pay $ 113 million to settle an investigation by states like the California and Arizona on Apple not being honest about iPhone battery issues leading to unexpected downtime operation device. Instead of revealing it issue to consumers or replace batteries, prompted a software update in December 2016 that affected the performance of older iPhone models.

The news upset Apple consumers (AAPL) as many believed it was an attempt by the company to buy a new iPhone.

"Big tech companies need to stop manipulating consumers and telling them the whole truth about practices and products "said Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, who led the investigation, in a press release Thursday. "I am committed to holding these giant companies accountable technology when they hide important information by users. ”

At the time, the company issued a rare apology to users, temporarily dropping the price of spare batteries from $ 79 to $ 29 and adding a feature that allows iPhone users to watch condition of the battery.

"We know some of you have been disappointed with the company. We apologize, "the company said in 2017." First of all, we never - and would never - do anything to intentionally shorten the life of any Apple product or degrade it. experience of user to increase customer upgrades. ”

In March, Apple agreed to pay up to half a billion dollars to settle a lawsuit alleging that Apple was deliberately slowing down iPhones to force users to buy news.

In addition to millions of dollars in compensation to states, Apple has agreed to provide health updates battery iPhone, performance and power management on the website or in the notes installation.


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