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Facebook: Sues Turkish developer for Instagram clone sites

The Facebook sue one Turkish developer to operate a network with at least 20 Instagram clones sites.

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According court documents seen by ZDNet, Facebook claims that the defendant Ansar Sahinturk, a software developer based in Istanbul, used software for collection data from more than 100.000 Instagram profiles, which he later reposted on his own sites.

According to Facebook, Sahinturk operated at least 20 Instagram clone sites, which contained photos from Instagram and displayed ads for profit.

Some of the domains managed by Sahinturk are:,,,, and

The first domains were created in August 2017 and many of the sites are still operational.

Facebook said it tried to evade legal proceedings by sending many warning letters to the Turk programmer. However, Sahinturk did not respond.

Instagram clone sites

According to court documents, Facebook said Sahinturk initially denied operating the Instagram clone sites. He later confessed and dropped some of them, but returned them a few months later and stopped responding to Facebook letters.

Facebook is asking the court to give it control of the domains. Also, calls for the punishment of the Turkish programmer with the return of all the profits he gained from the management of the Instagram clone sites.

Except for the obvious infringement of terms service and Instagram brands, Facebook claims that the developer caused damage to users of Instagram. In essence, Facebook blames the Turkish developer for violation of their privacy users, since much of their data leaked on the internet and was visible to other people who do not even have Instagram. Exposed data includes images, videos, stories, hashtags and locations.

Facebook said it had already banned Facebook developer account of Sahinturk, as well as about 30.000 Instagram profiles used for the collection data and were linked to the 20 clone sites.

Source: ZDNet

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