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Jupiter, Saturn and Moon will form a triangle tonight

It is really sad that the sky has to offer us so many wonderful spectacles while we are locked in our house due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tonight the sky will offer us another wonderful spectacle, what will it be? On Thursday night, the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter will form a triangle. The crescent moon will be visible to the southwest as soon as the sky darkens and the other two planets will appear a little later. Jupiter should appear after sunset and Saturn a little later.

Jupiter, Saturn and Moon

"The best time to see the triangle is about 30 minutes after sunset for about two hours, while the moon and the planets are high enough in the sky to be beautifully visible ", says the astronomy teacher and former director of the planetarium Jeffrey Hunt who has described in detail the event in site of which is called When the Curves Line Up.

Hunt says the view will remain good for about four and a half hours after sunset. Saturn appears a little later because it is less bright than Jupiter says. The brightest stars appear in the sky after sunset, while the brightest stars appear later.

And you do not need a specialist equipment. Hunt says "a binocular or small telescope will show the lunar craters (and) the moons of Jupiter. If the binocular is kept constant, some of Jupiter's larger moons are visible. The little one telescope will show the rings of Saturn. ”

If you miss her show Thursday in the evening, you will have her opportunity to see more spectacles in the sky in December. Hunt notes that there will be another union of the moon and Jupiter and Saturn on December 16, when the planets will be closer together.

This is just five days before a long-awaited one fact called The Great Conjunction, which will take place on December 21st. Hunt explains that when the moon or a planet has the same celestial length as another celestial object, we call it a conjunction. Jupiter passes Saturn in conjunction every 19,6 years, so this event is real rare, but the event of December 21 will be the closest conjunction of the two since 1623.


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Jupiter, Saturn and Moon will form a triangle tonight

It is really sad that the sky has to offer us so many wonderful spectacles while we are locked in our house because of the pandemic ...

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