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Home security An error in Messenger allowed users to hear their calls

An error in Messenger allowed users to hear their calls

A dangerous one error Messenger calls were discovered by the team Project Zero Google directly reported the vulnerability to Facebook. The Google team was able to detect an error that allowed them hackers to hear a call before it even takes place, with users unable to detect that someone is monitoring them.

The social networking giant Facebook could face a major security threat related to Messenger calls that had not been detected for a long time. Malicious agents could use this error as a means of listening to unanswered users' calls while the phone is still ringing.

According to Wired, the program bug bountyFacebook is a huge help on security issues. The groups participating in the program are dedicated to the study of the structure and the interface for any known or hidden errors that could lead to risk user safety.

Google Project Zero error team recently discovered the Facebook Messenger bug for devices Android. The Natalie Silvanovich was the one who first discovered it and immediately informed Facebook.

The Google team received a $ 60.000 fee for discovering and trying to find an error that had not been detected for a long time. Hackers who know how to exploit it can send an invisible message and make a call to the target person and hear what is happening on the other line, even if users do not answer the call.

The invisible message contains the means and ways for the malicious user to hear the other line. Additionally, the recently discovered bug looks like a security issue in FaceTime Apple, which appeared in group calls.

The error could only work if the user and hacker are friends on Facebook or connected to Messenger with authorization from the account holder. However, the users who have many friends and accept requests from anyone, are more likely to fall for a malicious user. This error would be a problem for users who have a large Facebook friends list, which makes it difficult to track them.


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An error in Messenger allowed users to hear their calls

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