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Home security Is the Muslim Pro app selling its data to the US military?

Is the Muslim Pro app selling its data to the US military?

Singapore is investigating allegations that the mobile app, Muslim Pro, has sold its data to the US military. The popular prayer tracking app that has 98,5 million downloads worldwide has denied the allegations, saying it only shares anonymous data with its affiliates.

Muslim Pro

The Committee for the Protection of Personal Data (PDPC) confirmed that it is investigating the allegations and has requested more information from the developer of Muslim Pro, Bitsmedia. The regulator told local media: "We remind users to be careful about the type of licenses and personal data they provide to applications and how they can be used. In case of doubt, users should not do λήψη or use of any application. "

Bitsmedia, founded in 2009 and based in Singapore, has offices in Malaysia and Indonesia. The Muslim Pro app tracks prayer times and points the way to Mecca, among other features, and has been downloaded by users in 200 countries, according to its website.

Earlier this week, the app reportedly sold detailed location data to X-Mode, a US third-party data aggregator company that sells its services to customers, including U.S. defense contractors. The U.S. / Canadian news agency Vice Media published a report stating that Muslim Pro was, among other things, a mobile app that had sold data to the U.S. military and included timestamps. details for model of the phone and the name of the Wi-Fi network to which the phone was connected.

Bitsmedia denied the allegations, publishing two statements on Tuesday and Thursday and dismissing the report as "inaccurate and untrue".

Noting that it complies with global data privacy laws and regulations, such as the EU GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Bitsmedia said it "collects, processes and uses information" made available by its users during the access the application.

He added that location data was used to calculate prayer hours and facilitated features planning, as well as to improve the overall user experience.

The developer of the application also insisted that he did not disclose sensitive personal information, such as names, phone numbers and e-mail. "Any data disclosed to affiliates is anonymous, which means that our data is not passed on to specific individuals," he said.

"We apply industry security standards and protection measures and select top technology partners to keep our data safe in our cloud infrastructure. There is also absolute transparency on personal information that we collect, store and process. ”

While disputing Vice Media's allegations, Bitsmedia said it had terminated partnerships with various data companies, including X-Mode.

She said she worked with "selected technology partners" to improve the quality of its application and shared data with its partners for "common purposes such as advertising", which it noted was the main source revenue of. He said he had done so "in full compliance" with all relevant laws and had implemented a "strict data governance policy" to protect his users' data.

According to the developer of the application, it collaborated with third parties such as social media networks and data analysis companies and shared data with the consent of users.

He also noted that, the features provided in Muslim Pro are available without users having to log in to the application. "This contributes to the anonymity of the data we collect and process," he said.

If found guilty of violating the Singapore Privacy Act (PDPA), Bitsmedia could face fines of up to 10% of its annual turnover or SG $ 1 million ($ 735.490), whichever is higher.


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Is the Muslim Pro app selling its data to the US military?

Singapore is investigating allegations that the mobile app, Muslim Pro, has sold its data to the US military ....

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