HomesecurityNitro PDF: thousands of users may have been affected by a breach

Nitro PDF: thousands of users may have been affected by a breach

Thousands of New Zealanders are likely to have been severely affected data breach, that took place in Nitro PDF, not long ago. The breach has exposed accounts e-mail and passwords.


On Friday afternoon, the security service company at Internet, Cert NZ, said that application document creation and internet sharing, based in Australia, had faced a "significant" data breach.

An unauthorized user reportedly claimed to have obtained it access to 2,6 million email addresses and encrypted passwords, including more than 4000 “.nz” email addresses. In fact, as he stated, he has published this information on the internet.

"Cert NZ understands that further data has been issued on this breach, the details have not yet been confirmed," he told statement of the cyber security company. "The authenticity of the data could not be verified."

As some of the New Zealanders users have email accounts ending in ".com", many others could have been affected, said a spokesman for Cert NZ.


The agency tries to contact all users affected by the breach, to help them mitigate any security risks from the incident.

Nitro PDF is reportedly used by more than 10.000 customers, including tech giants. Google, Apple and Microsoft products.

Cert NZ recommends that anyone using the Nitro PDF service change their password immediately to a more powerful one, which will contain more characters, such as a combination of letters, numbers and symbols, that will be harder to guess. You will also need to update the other accounts to which you use the same password. Users are advised to choose different passwords for each account and use a good one password manager which will make it easier for them not to forget them.

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