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How to transfer Chrome tabs between iPhone, iPad and Mac

You can set Chrome to be the default web browser on your iPhone and iPad and use it as your only browser for all Apple devices. But as in Safari, you can transfer open Chrome tabs between iPhone, iPad and Mac. See how.

How to transfer Chrome tabs between iPhone, iPad and Mac

If you're signed in to the same Google Account in the Chrome browser for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, you can easily transfer tabs between all your devices. Just make sure the "Sync" function is enabled.

In Chrome for Mac, click the "Profile" button and make sure it says "Sync Is On".


On iPhone or iPad, press the "Menu" button and set the "Settings" option.


Here, in "Sync And Google Services", make sure it says "Sync Is On".

This will automatically display all open tabs and devices in Google your account. The process of transferring tabs between iPhone, iPad and Mac varies depending on your device.

Transferring tabs from Chrome to Mac on your iPhone and iPad is fairly straightforward.

Open the page you want to "send", then click on the URL bar. Here, select the "Transfer" button. From the drop-down menu, select one of your devices.


The tab will be transferred to the device. Now, open the "Chrome" application on your iPhone or iPad.

You will see a banner stating that you have received a tab from another device. The banner will only appear for a few seconds and once it is gone, there is no way to bring it back. Then click the "Open" button to open the tab.

Transferring a tab from iPhone or iPad to Mac (or another iPhone or iPad) is a more time consuming process.

Open the website you want to transfer to another device and click the "Share" button from the URL bar.

Here, select "Send To Your Devices".


You will see them all available Appliances. Select your device, scroll down and press "Send To Your Device".

If you "sent" the tab to your Mac, you will see one notice about it. Clicking on the alert will open the site to a new tab.

If you sent the tab to your iPad, you will see a "Tab Received" banner in Chrome. Click the "Open" button to open the site to a new page.

How to open Chrome tabs from other Apple devices

Tab transfer is great if you have both devices open and running the Chrome app. If you use the "Open Tabs" feature in the Chrome History section, you can open tabs from your iPhone or iPad without touching them.

To use it from the Mac app, open the Chrome browser and click the "Menu" button. Here, go to the "History" section. Here you will see the tabs from all your other devices. Click on a site to open it.


You can also view all open tabs from a specific device in the History section of the menu. Here, you can select "Tabs From Other Devices" from the side menu.

On iPhone or iPad, you can access this feature from other tab switcher devices. Open the "Chrome" app on your iPhone or iPad and press the "Tabs" button.


From the top of the screen, go to the "Devices" tab. Scroll down to see the open tabs from all the others Appliances your. Choose a webpage to open on your iPhone or iPad.

We hope you found all the above tips useful!



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