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Research: Australian companies adopting multi-cloud are more likely to pay a ransom

According to a study conducted in Australian companies, those who use multi cloud are at greater risk of being exposed to a ransomware attack and are more likely to pay to hackers the ransom they ask to take back control of their data.


Η Veritas, revealed in its report that only 43% of Australian respondents said that security keeps pace with the growing complexity of their computing environment.

According to report, approximately 57% of Australian organizations use multi cloud environments. 33% of organizations with more than 20 services cloud, it was found that it would pay the ransom in case of ransomware attack, compared to 19% of companies with less than five cloud services that would do the same.

The survey was conducted in September and includes responses from 150 senior Australian IT executives, from companies with 1.000 or more employees. The results also showed that a company using multi cloud was likely to encounter difficulties in how quickly it would recover from an attack. ransomware.

While 41% of these businesses with less than five cloud providers in their infrastructure saw their operations shut down in less than a day, 67% with more than 20 providers took five to 10 days to return smooth mode their.

"Our research shows that Essential Eight compliance is critical. "Fortunately, some companies are investing to fill this gap, but if this is not done more quickly, companies will remain vulnerable."

With regard to investments related to safety, more than half of Australian companies said they had increased their security budget due to the pandemic of COVID-19:, with Veritas noting that those who increased their investment in security were able to recover their data faster.

However, the results show that more needs to be done, with the average business being able to recover only 82% of its data, Veritas said. Although Australian organizations are still at risk of ransomware attacks when compared globally, they are even better off. Australian organizations were hit by 1,14 ransomware attacks, which is below the global average of 1,87.

Source: ZDNet

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