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Gmail: How to forward emails as attachments?


Did you know that gmail enables you to forward multiple emails together as a attachments, instead of promoting one emails every time; You do not even need to save the emails on your computer. Gmail has a built-in option to do this.

However, this feature is not available on application Gmail for mobile and to mobile browsers.

How to promote emails as attachments to other users gmail;

First, open it browser you in Windows 10 or in Mac computer and sign in to your Gmail account. Subsequently, find the emails you want to send as attachments and select them by clicking on the box, located to the left of his name (specifically next to the asterisk). You can select as many emails as you want.

When you select emails, a bar of icons will appear at the top of your screen, showing what you can do with the selected emails. Click on the icon "Read more“, Which appears as three vertical dots (the last line icon).

Once you tap this icon, a menu will appear. Click on “Promotion as an attachment".


Immediately, a "New Message" window will open that will includes selected emails, attached as archives EML.

Complete the sending of your email by adding a recipient, giving in emails a topic and typing a text (if you want).

When you are ready, click the "Send" button.

This way you can send many emails at once as attachments.

Gmail: How to reply to emails and put other emails as attachments;

Instead of composing a brand new email, you can reply to a message directly and attach other emails.

First, open the email you want to reply to by right-clicking on emails and clicking "Reply" (you will still see the home page with your emails).

A window will open with a text box where you can enter your answer. Enter the reply, then drag and drop the email you want to send as an attachment from the homepage to the emails in the body of your reply.

The email will now be attached as an EML file. You can attach as many emails as you want to your reply by repeating the drag and drop method.

When you have your answer ready, click "Send".

Source: Howtogeek

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