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Scientists have solved the mystery of the blue ring in space!

Scientists have finally solved the mystery of the bright blue ring of light that is different from anything astronomers have seen in the past. Astronomers have been trying for years to understand why the mysterious object in space has a circle of blue light around it, analyzing pictures taken with telescopy both on the ground and in space.

Scientists now believe they have solved the 16-year-old mystery about how blue light formed. Astronomers claim that the blue ring is not actually a ring but a cone.

The cloud of fluorescent debris probably formed after a sun-like star "swallowed" a smaller one and because one of the cones looks directly at Earth, looks like a ring from here.

Scientists have solved the mystery of the blue ring in space

This is the first time astronomers have observed such a rare phase of star evolution that occurs a few thousand years after their inception, and lasts only perhaps thousands of years, a short period on the star scale.

The two stars began their lives in space, but as the αστέρι of the solar system expanded and approached the other star, the smaller of the two began to exude material from the larger. Eventually, as the smaller star was "eaten", the collision triggered a cloud of debris split by a gas disk from the smaller star - creating the two cone-shaped debris. The hydrogen molecules in the debris were then excited by the shock wave, causing them to glow with ultraviolet light, giving the cloud a circular blue Colour.

Scientists have solved the mystery of the blue ring in space

While scientists have been trying for years to figure out what caused the star, they have expressed many views about the phenomenon. Using the Caltech Hale Telescope at the Palomar Observatory near San Diego and the Keck Observatory in Hawaii, they tried to find evidence for a wave shock around the star indicating that a cloud of gas had been sent into space. Later, it was suggested that the star could destroy a nearby, invisible planet, but the data by Habitable Zone Planet Finder released in 2017 showed that there was no such object in orbit around the star.

Although scientists took a long time to determine the cause of the blue ring, using the new technology, the older ones programs also continue to reveal new information about such phenomena.



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