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Home security NordPass: What are the worst passwords for 2020?

NordPass: What are the worst passwords for 2020?

Nowadays, cyberattacks and violations data are everyday phenomena. One of the tips of experts to prevent such incidents is use strong and unique codes access. Every year, however, analyzes show that most users they are not very careful with their passwords and do not follow the instructions of the companies security. Does the same apply for 2020?


For the past five years, the two most common and therefore the worst passwords have been "123456" and "password". Not many things seem to have changed.

Η North Pass, a password management solution provider, analyzed 275.699.516 passwords, which had been leaked during breaches data of 2020. The analysis showed that the most common passwords are very easy and that cyber criminals would take a second or two to access accounts. Only 44% of those recorded were considered "unique".

On Wednesday, NordPass released its annual password security report. In this report, it is mentioned that the most common passwords were "123456", "123456789", "picture1", "password" and "12345678".

With the exception of "picture1", which may take a few hours in one brute-force attack, the rest of the codes can be broken in a few seconds either with dictionary scripts (combining common phrases and numbers) or with a simple guess.

The 2020 report on security and passwords showed that many users are reluctant to use strong, unique, difficult-to-crack passwords, despite the recommendations of experts. Instead, passwords such as "football", "iloveyou", "letmein" and "pokemon" are still used.

The 10 most common (so worst) codes 2020 access, according to NordPass, is:

123456 (2.543.285 users)

123456789 (961.435 users)

picture1 (371.612 users)

password (360.467 users)

12345678 (322.187 users)

111111 (230.507 users)

123123 (189.327 users)

12345 (188.268 users)

1234567890 (171.724 users)

senha (167.728 users)

When creating a password, you should patterns or repetitions are avoided, such as letters and numbers next to each other on the keyboard. You also have to avoid names and dates of birth because it is something that one can easily think of. The ideal is to use one combination of letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers and symbols.

The experts security They constantly emphasize the importance of strong and unique passwords and they must do it so that we do not forget it. Ultimately, however, it is everyone's responsibility to protect their online accounts. This year's Nordpass report shows that most users do not care about their safety.

Source: ZDNet


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