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How to create Tweets that disappear through Fleets

Temporary "stories" have become very popular on social media. The corresponding ability on Twitter is called "Fleets" and you can use it to create tweets containing personal and occasional thoughts, opinions and feelings. After a while these posts will no longer be visible.


What are Twitter Fleets?

Fleets are essentially tweets that after a while are no longer visible. A regular tweet appears on your schedule forever, unless you delete it, but a Fleet only appears for 24 hours. Fleets can be text, picture, videos or even retweets.

They appear at the top of the Twitter mobile app Android, iPhone and iPad. A blue border around a profile means there is a new Fleet that you have not seen. A white border indicates that you have already seen all the Fleets from one user.

How to create a Twitter Fleet

First, open the official Twitter app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. You will see the Fleets row at the top of the screen. Press “Add”To get started.

At the bottom of the Fleet creation page, there are four tabs:

"Text“: You can write text on a blank background.

"Gallery“: Select an image or video from your local storage.

"Download“: Take a new photo.

"Videos:“: Record new video.

For a text fleet, you can tap in the center of the screen and start typing. You can adjust the alignment, make the text bold, put a background behind the text and change its color.

When you select an image from your collection, you can change the background color and use the same tools text to write something on the image.

The same tools are available when taking a new photo or video. When your Fleet is ready to share, press " Fleet ”Top right.

However, there are other things you can do with your Fleet. For example, you can share Tweets as Fleets. To do this, find a Tweet and tap the share icon.

From the Tweet Sharing menu, select “Sharing on Fleet".

The Tweet will appear on the Fleet creation screen. You can then change the background color and add text. Click "Fleet" when done.

You can also share your Fleet as a Tweet. You may want to do this if you do not want it to disappear after 24 hours.

First, click on your Fleet profile picture to open the latest ones.

Press the down arrow at the top right.

Here, you will see the options "Tweet This"Or"Delete Fleet“. The Twitter editorial screen will open. You can add a comment to Fleet before you tweet it.

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