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How to split two Google Assistant speakers connected to a stereo

Placing two Google Assistant smart speakers in a stereo is a great way to enhance your smart home audio experience. If you need to separate two speakers from a stereo to move them to new rooms or upgrade, see below exactly how to do it.

Google Assistant

You may need to reassign them before proceeding Appliances in your home or in your new rooms and reconnect the speakers in your Google Account just split.

To split Google Assistant smart speakers, first select the pair you want to split in the Google Home app into iPad, iPhone or Android. From there, press icon with the gear in the upper right corner.

Then scroll down and select "Speaker Pair". You will see the names of the two individual speakers that were joined.

Click on "Separate Speaker Pair".

Google Assistant

A pop-up message will appear confirming that you want to separate the two smart speakers. Finally, select the "Separate" option.

Google Assistant

The separation is ready! You can always change your speaker settings or re-create a new pair of Google Assistant smart speakers to enjoy stereo audio.

Source: howtogeek.com


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