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Mac: How to turn the startup sound on or off

The Mac has a separate boot sound that beeps every time you boot your Mac. In addition to Macs sold between 2016 and 2020, it is the default choice on every Mac. See below how you can turn the startup sound on or off.

Mac users running macOS Big Sur or later can now turn the startup sound on or off at the touch of a button Switch. In case you are not familiar with Mac startup sound, take a look at video at the end of the article.


You can activate or turn off the boot sound for your Mac very easily from the System Preferences menu.

Click the Apple button on its left side menu bar of Mac and select “System Preferences”.


Here, click the "Sound" button.


Now, from the "Sound Effects" section, select the check mark next to "Play Sound on Startup" to enable or disable mode.

The Mac or the Macbook will play (or not) Apple sound the next time you turn it on laptop or him computer you.

Source: howtogeek.com

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