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OTE in the international FTSE4Good indices with the leading companies in matters of sustainable development

Press release: OTE in the international FTSE4Good indices with the leading companies in matters of sustainable development


for 12η consecutive year

OTE in the international indices FTSE4Good with leading companies in sustainable development 

 -Pandemic has boosted interest in investing in sustainable development (IT G - Environmental, Social , Governance)  

18 November 2020

In the series of indicators FTSE4Good has been included for 12η consecutive year o OTE, as a result of its performance in areas such as its protection environment, its support society and corporate governance.Apart from OTE, the FTSE4Good Emerging index includes others 35 telecommunications companies around the world and 7 Greek companies.

The FTSE4Good International Indicators are used by investment schemes and market players as a tool in evaluating listed companies for their performance in environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG - Environmental, Social, Governance) and in creating socially responsible investment funds and other products. . In recent years and especially with his crisis Covid-19 it seems that interest has increased significantly for the so-called "Sustainable" investments, where investors take the Sustainable Development Criteria (ESG) seriously for the companies they invest in.

"For OTE Group, sustainable development is not something new. It has been part of the strategic planning and operation for many years. "The pandemic has raised our agenda even higher to support society, the economy, the environment.", states the President and CEO of the Group, Mr. Michalis TsamazAt his message to Unified Sustainable Development Report of the OTE Group 2019. "It is certain that sustainable development will play a leading role in the post-covid era. The protection of human health and the natural environment, the shift to digital solutions such as teleworking, international solidarity, come to the fore, structurally changing the way it works. ", adds the head of OTE.

Sustainable development is an integral part of the OTE Group strategy

The integration of sustainable development together with profitability in the business strategy and overall activity of the OTE Group, the strictest criteria for measuring its performance, and international standards for the formulation of its policies and procedures have contributed -among other things- to its participation OTE in sustainable development indices -SRI (Social Responsible Indexes).

OTE responds to analysts' evaluations, participating in a total of six indicators of sustainable development / socially responsible investments (Social Responsible Investments). Specifically, it participates in four indicators related to ESG (Environment, Society, Corporate Governance): FTSE4Good, VIGEO-EIRIS Best Emerging Market Performers, “Prime” Corporate ESG Performance by ISS-ESG, MSCI ESG Research, as well as the international CDP index on Climate Change and the 2020 Bloomberg LP Gender-Equality Index (GEI), one of the most important business indicators on equality and the promotion of women in the workplace.

For FTSE4Good indicators

The FTSE4Good Index Series, created by global stock index provider FTSE Russell (a partnership name between FTSE International Limited and Frank Russell Company), is designed to measure companies' performance in implementing important environmental practices. , society and corporate governance (ESG)


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