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Home rapidshare Joe Biden hacked site: RootAyyildiz Turkish Defacer hacked the president's support website

Joe Biden hacked site: RootAyyildiz Turkish Defacer hacked the president's support website

Joe Biden hacked site: RootAyyildiz Turkish Defacer hacked the president Deface on the website campaign support of the new US President Joe Biden,

Joe Biden has a lot of fans and given the recent election season in America, the website has been created which is supportive of the new president.

As can be seen from the screenshots below, the well-known Turkish hacker RootAyyildiz Turkish Defacer violated the site, leaving a message in Turkish.

Anyone trying to access the site is faced with the following image:

The hacker message in free translation:

“Με We did ritual washing and started on our own, we did our funeral prayer for our brother,
We promised Megan Hakan, we will kill for the leader
Cursed are those who live for money and fame, greetings to those who live for the purpose of Islam
Here I warn the so-called US-backed political parties like the chp hdp party
If you do not take your hands off my state, my nation, we will be a nightmare
We decrypt your most private conversations and take you on the road.
RootAyıldız is not a Team or an Organization, but a Vatan lover who fights alone… ”

According to the relevant information, o hacker managed to alter the website The hacker thus suggests that he has no authorized access on that website having the ability to add / remove content he wishes. The site still appears to be in hacker possession.

According to exclusive information from SecNews, o Turkish hacker attempts to violate and the American president's Twitter account.

SecNews is conducting its own research to bring more information to light. Stay tuned for even more updates on the topic.

Who is RootAyyildiz Turkish Defacer;

O RootAyyildiz Turkish Defacer is also known as "Father of Turkish hackers". He has won this title thanks to his skills and successful attacks.

The Turkish hacker RootAyyildiz Turkish Defacer who has attacked Greek Ministries and the Register of Internet Names .gr and .el. has recently answered questions from the SecNews editorial team.

In his exclusive interview with SecNews, the Turkish hacker stressed "When I attacked Greece, according to the Greek media, the EYP hired 80 hakcers because it was noisy."


What is defacement?

A defacement attack is a kind of "vandalism" of a website, where hackers penetrate the website and replace its content with their own messages. It is usually used to cover something bigger, in the background, and the messages may convey a political or religious message, inappropriate content, or a notice that the site has been compromised.

Content alteration is usually achieved by using SQL injection and logging in to the administrator account. Common targets of defacement attacks are government figures and websites, or religious websites, and attacks are most often carried out by hacktivists, who prefer large pages with many viewers.


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