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Trump fired CISA Director Christopher Krebs!

Outgoing US President Donald Trump announced yesterday through Twitter that he fired Christopher Krebs from the position of Director of the Service Cyber-security (CISA) of USA. Trump claimed that the reason for Krebs's dismissal was the "extremely inaccurate" statement he made on November 3, along with other officials, that this year's presidential elections were the safest in US history.

Trump fired CISA Director Christopher Krebs!

Specifically, the outgoing US President said the following on Twitter:

"Christopher Krebs' recent statement on safety 2020 election campaign was extremely inaccurate, as there were massive irregularities and fraud - including dead ballots, no access to election observers to polling stations, "malfunctions" in the voting machines that changed votes from Trump to Biden, late voting and many more. That is why, with immediate effect, Christopher Krebs was fired from his position as Director of Cyber ​​Security. "

Trump disputes the outcome of the presidential election, where the Democratic candidate, Joe, was elected the new President of the country. Biden.

It is worth noting that Twitter placed a warning sign in Trump's posts, indicating that 'The allegations about scam in the elections are questionable ". Scenarios for Krebs's ouster had been heard since early November, with the magazine "Politico" to assume that this was "partly due to a site set up by the former Director of the US Cybersecurity Service (CISA) in order to prevent misinformation for the US presidential election ".

Trump fired CISA Director Christopher Krebs!

Krebs wrote the following on Twitter yesterday:
"In case you missed it: Regarding allegations that electoral systems are being manipulated, all 59 election security experts agree that in every case we know, these allegations were either unfounded or technically inconsistent."

Krebs is not the first executive fired by Trump before leaving the US government. He recently fired Secretary of Defense Mark Esper for questioning the Pentagon chief's credibility. Still, there are rumors in Washington that before Trump left in January, the director of CIA, Gina Haspel, and its director FBI, Christopher Wray, could also be among those fired. Sources say that Krebs learned the news of his dismissal from the tweet announced by Trump.

The dismissal of the Director of CISA caused the wrath of the Democrats. A spokesman for President-elect Joe Biden said Krebs should be praised for his role in protecting the country's election, not fired for telling the truth.


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