Homesecurity4,5 million corporate devices contain personal data

4,5 million corporate devices contain personal data

In this difficult period, because of pandemic Many people have lost their jobs or their salaries have been reduced, they also have to deal with an additional issue of data security, as half of the corporate devices returned to employers still have personal information.


According to an investigation by the asset disposal service DSA Connect, 26% of people had to hand over the electronic devices their. In 50% of cases, these devices contained information such as banking information and credit card, personal passwords and photos.

DSA Connect estimates that 4,5 million devices have been delivered to employers so far.

While the England faces a second lockdown and other parts of the UK are increasing their restrictions, the number of devices being returned to employers is expected to increase further.

DSA Connect commissioned the market research firm Consumer Intelligence to interview 1.029 people from 16 to 18 October 2020.

Ο Harry Benham, President of DSA Connect, said: “There is a large number of electronic devices that have been returned to employers due to the fact that the staff was fired or made available during the crisis. "

"Employers should try to clean these devices professionally, ensuring that all data are deleted from them so that they can be reused by staff or sold. "Unfortunately, in many cases this is not done properly and new users mistakenly gain access to confidential data that they should not see."

His pandemic COVID-19: results in job losses in many industries. Unemployment rose to a three-year high in October, according to the National Statistics Office.

Recent research by Which?, has shown that when data breaches occur in companies after attack In cyberspace, stolen information from devices such as passwords or credit cards and bank details can be sold to fraudsters. According to another survey by Which ?, the results revealed that 46% of people whose data was stolen by a hacker after infringement in a large company, they continued to experience scams.

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