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Microsoft Edge does not want you to miss important notifications

Earlier in the year, Microsoft Edge was updated with a new feature that hides annoying browser alert dialog boxes commonly used by news publishers, social media platforms and websites to keep annoying users with links to their content, spam or even malware.

Microsoft Edge

Web browsers only send alerts to users when they are open in the background. If the browser does not run in the background, users may miss important updates, such as emails, appointments, or reminders scheduled through a website or web app (PWA).

Another problem with this approach is that users will receive all notifications collected during start of the browser.

To address this issue, Microsoft Edge Update now introduces a new feature that uses a new set of APIs to send notifications even if the browser is not running in the background.

This will allow Windows 10 users to receive notifications while Microsoft Edge is "closed". THE mode is now available to anyone using the Edge 85 on Windows 10 version 20H1 and newer.

Microsoft also provides support for notification badges on the taskbar / dock. This feature has always been limited to native applications such as Mail & Calendar, Teams, etc. and eventually comes to Microsoft Edge PWAs and pinned sites.

Currently, badging for PWAs only works when the web app is open. If you close the browser or web app, you will not see the badges in taskbar.

Following the new Chromium Edge Canary updates, PWAs will eventually support badges in the taskbar when the application is not open. To use this feature, Microsoft recommends upgrading to Edge 85 (for PWAs) or Edge 87 (for pinned sites). This ability only works with Windows 10 version 20H1 or later.

For websites that want to use Microsoft Edge badging systems, Microsoft provides additional information that you can find here.


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