HomesecurityIncrease in demand for employee tracking software

Increase in demand for employee tracking software

A new study shows that Demand for employee monitoring software increased by 55% in June 2020 (compared to pre-pandemic demand). These software offer various possibilities such as webcams or "random" monitoring through screenshots and record almost everything an employee does to computer of.

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The VPN review website, Top10VPN, used worldwide data to analyze more than 200 terms related to employee monitoring software and compared searches during March-May 2020 with the corresponding searches of the previous year.

Global demand for employee monitoring software increased by 108% in April and by 70% in May 2020 (compared to the corresponding months of the previous year).

In addition, searches-questions such as “How To Track Employees Working From home”Increased by 1.705% in April and by 652% in May 2020.

This sharp increase in such questions shows how unprepared there were many Companies for this mass transition to work from home.

According to the study, the most popular tools monitoring are the Time Doctor, Hubstaff and FlexiSPY. The tools, whose demand increased sharply, are Teramind, DeskTime, Kickickler and Time Doctor (specifically the demand for the latter has tripled).

The top three softwares represent almost 60% of the global demand in software monitoring of employees and this is mainly due to the variety and usefulness of their features.

Here are some key features of tracking software:

  • 81% of the software offers keystroke logging capabilities, so that employers can see every click of the keyboard.
  • 61% allow instant messaging sent to each other by employees.
  • 65% send "User Energy Alerts", Which shows for example when the keyboard is idle.
  • Finally, 38% are able to remotely controls them systems (eg allows blocking access to specific sites or software installation).

Working from home has been stressful for employers as well there are fears of a possible decline in productivity and its impact on business. For this reason, they use employee tracking software to gain control. However, constant monitoring by the employer can lead to reduced productivity in the long run, while it can negatively affect the psychology and feelings of employees about the company.

Source: ZDNet


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