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Amazon: 5 employees arrested for stealing iPhones worth € 500.000!

A group of five Amazon employees working at a distribution center in Madrid, Spain, have been arrested for alleged involvement in the theft money from iPhones. It is a business in which the five employees of the Amazon giant are believed to have been involved in the theft of goods, the total value of which is about 592.000 dollars (ie 500.000 euros).

The arrest of the employees took place after an internal research of Amazon itself, in which it was found that there were problems with some packages which were sent to customers, as some weighed more than expected. The differences found prompted Amazon to install hidden cameras, which on the spot caught the perpetrators exchanging iPhones for other items.

In particular, Amazon's investigation confirmed that its employees were secretly investing orders on new iPhones such as iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, replacing the actual ordered contents of a package at the last minute. In accordance with iPadizate, it is believed that the orders were made by an accomplice.

Amazon: 5 employees arrested for stealing iPhones worth € 500.000!

Three of the five people involved in the theft operation were arrested while leaving their jobs, a fourth was arrested while working at night at the company and the fifth surrendered alone to police. All five have already been fired from Amazon and are awaiting trial.

At the time of their arrest, the officers were in possession of ten iPhones, in order to send them by the same method. They also had a large number of labels with the IMEIs of the different ones phones, seemingly torn from boxes to mislead the police investigation.

Amazon: 5 employees arrested for stealing iPhones worth € 500.000!

Investigations continue to examine where the iPhones that were sent ended up, while it is not ruled out that further arrests.

The popularity and great nature of iPhones make them a target for theft. In March, iPhones worth € 3 million were stolen from Amsterdam Schipol Airport, followed by theft from Apple Watches total value of 530.000 euros in May.


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