HomesecurityHackers hack WhatsApp accounts by asking for passwords

Hackers hack WhatsApp accounts by asking for passwords

Lately, more and more users WhatsApp they fall victims attack by its criminals cyberspace. In these cases, fraudsters use accounts that have already been compromised and present themselves as users' friends in order to trick them and divert them. information.


The most common tactic is to ask or deceive their victims to give them to them codes WhatsApp security verification, which must be entered when registering a new mobile phone number or other device.

Then they use the codes to get complete access to their victims' accounts, which will allow them to take advantage of the victim's personal information and demand money from friends or relatives.

There have also been cases where they target their work or sell their personal data on illegal websites in Dark Web.

In particular, the Singapore police force has issued many warnings for such "deception" attacks in the last two years.

Her latest announcement, in February, noted that there had been at least 18 known reports of a victim's WhatsApp account being breached since December last year.

This is of course a number that is actually much higher if one takes into account the incidents which is not mentioned, while it is a situation that concerns many more countries.

Associate Professor at the National University of Singapore, Chang Ee-Chien, whose research interests include data confidentiality, stated that the impersonation tactics used by hacker is "very low tech, but very effective, as people tend to trust their friends or family".

But how do you protect your WhatsApp account?

  • First enable two-factor authentication, which requires you to enter a unique PIN to access your account. Never reveal your PIN or verification codes to anyone and do not click on unknown links or attachments.
  • Make sure you are properly logged out of WhatsApp Web, especially if your computers are not secure with passwords or biometric data.
  • Check the settings of the application to limit the number of information that intruders can receive from your WhatsApp account if it has been compromised. For example, do not allow WhatsApp to share location information and do not allow strangers to add you to group discussions.
  • Disable auto-fill option on your phone. As it is a time-saving feature, it also means that your personal information is stored on your phone and any hacker who has access to your phone will be able to see such information.
  • When making a particularly sensitive transaction, use a virtual private network (VPN) to protect yourself. The VPN will disguise the Internet Protocol address, making monitoring impossible. It also provides an extra level of encryption.

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