HomesecurityResearch firm Miltenyi Biotec has been hit by ransomware

Research firm Miltenyi Biotec has been hit by ransomware

Biomedical and clinical research firm Miltenyi Biotec says it has fully restored the systems following a malware attack last month that affected the company's global IT infrastructure.

Miltenyi Biotec's 2.500 employees (from 28 countries) develop cell research and treatment products for doctors and researchers working on vaccines and treatments for Covid-19.

Miltenyi Biotec ransomware

"In the last two weeks, there have been isolated cases where order processing has encountered a problem due to a malware attack," Miltenyi Biotec said in an official statement.

"You can be sure that all the necessary measures have been taken to reduce the problem and recover all those affected. systems. "Based on what we know so far, we have no indication that the malware has been inadvertently distributed to customers or partners."

For now, the company says it has successfully restored all operating processes affected by last month's malware attack. However, the company still has problems in some countries with their electronic and telephone systems.

Miltenyi Biotec added that customers should expect order delays caused by temporary operational issues affecting systems over the past two weeks.

Customers are advised to contact the company whenever they have to deal with an emergency situations requiring immediate assistance.

"Accept our apologies for any inconvenience the attack may have caused you," added Miltenyi Biotec.

Miltenyi Biotec ransomware

Although Miltenyi Biotec has not revealed the nature of the malware that caused the outage in the past two weeks, the Mount Locker ransomware gang admitted earlier this month that it was behind the attack.

Ransomware operators leaked 5% of the 150 GB of data allegedly stolen from the company's network to the leak site on November 4, 2020, in the form of ZIP file containing more than 1 GB of Miltenyi Biotec documents.

Mount Locker ransomware was launched in July 2020 after they started breaking into corporate networks, stealing sensitive data and develop payloads to encrypt systems in victims' networks.

In some cases, the Mount Locker ransomware gang demands a multimillion-dollar ransom. The gang launched the "Mount Locker News & Leaks" website used to publish the stolen files of victims who refuse to pay the ransom.

Mount Locker operators are also known to threaten victims by telling them they will contact the media, TV channels and newspapers if they do not pay the ransom.


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