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How can artificial intelligence (AI) improve a business?

Automating an inefficient process simply leads to a faster inefficient process. Artificial intelligence (AI) must be developed to ensure that business processes are optimal.

A key role for any IT leader is to ensure that the technology that supports business processes works as smoothly as possible. Where possible, the CIO and a team of architects and business analysts and consultants are also seeking to use the information technology for the rationalization of inefficient or automatic processes through business process management -BPM).


Some technologies have been brought together to give BPM a new glow. One of them is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for automation. The latest CCS Insight Lead Investment Survey, conducted in July, found that 80% of companies are now testing AI or have already used it. The data show a significant increase from 2019, when 55% of companies said they were testing AI.

A Gartner Move report beyond the RPA to deliver super-automation identifies a number of areas where artificial intelligence and mechanical learning (ML) can be used to automate processes. The first is the execution of "continuous learning" with data collected in automation processes, which is then used to dynamically update the models. AI makes adjustments to improve the quality of automation.

The second area where AI can be developed is to reuse existing learning models trained in similar datasets. According to Gartner, such models can be repositioned in a new customer model, which minimizes time and data required for construction and development of a model.

AI helps businesses through Covid-19

There is close collaboration between Business Process Automation (BPA) and AI, which has become more apparent as businesses try to tackle the pandemic of Covid-19. Organizations had to adapt very quickly and automate these manual processes with ενέργειες which would not previously have been considered a top business priority.

Nicholas McQuire, senior vice president and head of AI research at CCS Insight, believes that Artificial Intelligence is no longer considered an experimental, long-term source innovation for Companies.

McQuire believes AI has the potential to deliver transformational and business value to help companies automate processes and generate new revenue streams.


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