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PlayStation 5: System bugs and issues

The Playstation 5 has finally been released, marking the start of the next generation of consoles, along with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The PS5 brings a number of new features and performance improvements, thanks to the new custom CPU and GPU and New ultra-high speed SSD that makes charging times shorter than ever.

PlayStation 5

But with the release of every new generation console comes a new generation of issues and bugs. Software and hardware errors are not uncommon, but they will definitely prevent you from enjoying your new console. We have gathered all the known bugs and issues you may encounter:

Unable to connect to PlayStation Network

Some users have reported problems connecting and downloading games from the PlayStation Network. If you are having problems, the best thing you can do is check your login to Internet and try again. You can also check the network service status to see if there is a major problem with the service.

The PS5 stops when it restarts

There have been reports of users trying to restart their console and not achieved. This error is one of the most serious you can face.

Power issues

If your PS5 stops working shortly after turning it on, it probably won't work at all. The PlayStation 5 may be experiencing an internal power problem. If this happens, you should visit the PlayStation's website to find out if you qualify to have your watch repaired.

There have been user reports that the use of an extended storage drive caused the PS5 to shut down. Until Sony informs firmware, the best advice is not to use extensive storage during this time.

Data transfer issues after initial installation

Users also reported the use of USB rear ports or cable LAN for data transfer after initial installation causes problems. If you need a USB port, try the port on the front part of the console.

If you experience problems after the initial setup, reset the PS5 to its factory settings to repair it. Note that a factory reset will delete them all users and user data and that console sharing and offline playback for the PS5 are disabled for all users connected to it.

Rest mode crashes the console

Rest mode is a feature that is not new to Sony hardware. What Rest mode does is suspend your game, unlock remote play and control features, and keep your game up to date when you save. Unfortunately, there are reports that using Rest mode causes a critical error, causing errors that require reconstruction of the database and may corrupt your console. Until Sony releases a information, the best thing to do is turn off Rest mode.

Problems transferring data from PS4 to PS5

PlayStation 4 users can transfer existing saved data and profiles to the PlayStation 5. However, some users have experienced transfer issues, including indicatively longer times. transport, data loss or complete failure hardware. Better to transfer data via Wi-Fi and avoid using the back port USB or LAN.

DualSense controller update

During the initial installation of the PlayStation 5, you need to connect the DualSense controller and perform λήψη an update for the controller. Make sure you keep your controller connected throughout information. Disconnecting the controller may cause connection problems between the controller and the console.

The HD camera or PlayStation camera does not work

Many new accessories are coming to the PS5, but they also have these problems their. Some users have reported getting the error code CE-111161-1 when trying to use a camera on the PS5.

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