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New device "puts" music in your head without headphones

Release a device that transmits music and sounds directly to your head, without the need for headphones. But what do we mean by all this?

Imagine a world in which you move with your own personal sound bubble. You will listen to your favorite tunes, play computer games, watch a movie or get navigation instructions in your car - without disturbing those around you.

This is the feature presented by "sound beaming", a new futuristic audio technology from New Systems, an Israeli company. On Friday, a desktop device will be released that sends the sound directly to the listener's ears without the need to use headphones.

The company provided The Associated Press with an exclusive demo of SoundBeamer 1.0 before circulation which will take place on Friday.

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The XNUMXD sound offered by the device is so close that it is as if it is inside ears while also located in front of, above and behind them.

Noveto expects the device to have many practical uses, rather than allowing its employees office to listen to music or make their "meeting calls" without interrupting them colleagues until he lets someone play one game, watch a movie or listen to music without disturbing others.

The lack of headphones means that it is possible to hear other sounds in the room clearly.

The technology uses a 3-D detection unit to detect and monitor the position of the ear by sending it sound through ultrasonic waves to create something like "sound cases" from the user's ears. The sound can be heard in stereo ή 3-D mode, the company said.

The demo is a video from nature which includes swans swimming in a lake, bees and a stream, where the listener feels as if he is being carried through the scene.

But even CEO Christophe Ramstein has a hard time describing the device with words. At a Noveto demo held via Zoom, SoundBeamer product manager Ayana Wallwater was unable to hear the sound of gunfire during a demonstration games.

By changing a setting, the sound can "follow" a listener as he moves his head. It is also possible to get off the path of the beam and not hear anything, which creates a surreal experience.

After his first listening experience, Ramstein wondered how he was different from other audio devices. Although the concept of sound radiation is not new, Noveto was the first to launch technology and the SoundBeamer 1.0 desktop device will be the first branded consumer product.

Ramstein said that a "smaller, sexier" version of the device will be ready for release to consumers by Christmas 2021.


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New device "puts" music in your head without headphones

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