HomesecurityBayhealth: its patients are affected by a breach of security

Bayhealth: its patients are affected by a breach of security

Η Bayhealth company, owner of many hospitals and medical centers, is another victim of hers data breach which took place in Blackbaud last July.


Bayhealth, along with hospitals in Dover and Milford, is his second hospital system Delaware falling victim to the same violation.

Bayhealth has learned from Blackbaud that one of the products offered by the company, which was used by Bayhealth for fundraising purposes, was infringed by an unauthorized person or entity. The data concerning certain patients and donors of Bayhealth may have been part of this breach.

The company sent letters in early November to people who may have been affected by the incident. Violated data may include information on the treatment of patients, such as the name of a doctor or hospital department. Information such as name, gender, mailing address, address may also have been leaked to the public. e-mail and telephone number. Only people who may be affected will receive an information letter.


Bayhealth has carefully examined the database that may have been compromised. The compromised data did not include credit card details, bank account details or social security numbers.

The breach also did not include Bayhealth medical systems or electronic health records. Blackbaud assured the company that the data involved was subsequently destroyed and that it was not used and will not be used or otherwise made public.

The Bayhealth Foundation evaluates the security guarantees of Blackbaud and other suppliers. The company also advised its customers to be vigilant during this period, in case they contact anyone who asks for their personal information.


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