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DDoS attacks: Cheaper than ever but also easier to execute

DDoS attacks are becoming more sophisticated and sophisticated. However, it is observed that over time they become cheaper but also easier to perform, with hackers take advantage of the large number of unsafe devices connected to Internet.

DDoS attacks have been at the forefront of threats for many years, with hackers gaining control of devices and directing Internet traffic to exclude victims. connection.

DDoS attacks

The threat of these attacks causes problems in both businesses as well as individual users who are prevented from accessing digital services, which are needed for either professional or personal use. The problem has been exacerbated by the outbreak of its global pandemic COVID-19, which has resulted in people relying more than ever on digital services.

It is noteworthy that causing disruption with DDoS attacks is now easier than ever, even for hackers with less technical skills. Her researchers Digital Shadows They pointed out that this is due to the fact that hackers offer DDoS services starting at an average cost of only $ 7 for a disruption that can last from a few minutes to a few hours. If the buyer wants the attack to last longer, he will have to pay more to the hackers.

DDoS attacks

According to ZDNet, in 2017 the price of DDoS services started at $ 25. The significant reduction in price compared to 2017 indicates that the supply of DDoS-as-a-Service has increased significantly in recent years.

One of the reasons that DDoS attacks have become cheaper and easier to execute is the proliferation of and production (Internet of Things) devices. Many IoT products come with default usernames and passwords which means it is easy for hackers to put them under control. Device owners may not realize that they have been compromised and that the traffic they generate is being used to hackers offline.

DDoS services for rent are very popular, as not only can they provide a simple way for cybercriminals make money, but at the same time the nature of the service makes it difficult to locate the hackers behind them.

Organizations can protect themselves from the potential impact of a DDoS attack by being aware of their most critical assets and preparing contingency plans in the event of a DDoS mitigation service failing. Vendors and individual users can play an equally important role in reducing the likelihood of DDoS attacks by avoiding the use of default passwords, making it difficult for cybercriminals to break into devices and make them part of a botnet.


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