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The full version of the PlayStation 5 is well worth the extra money

As if the new PlayStation 5 wasn't exciting enough, Sony players have a choice: a full $ 5 PlayStation 500 or one with next-generation graphics without the $ 400 drive. This cheaper PS5 may be exciting (the more symmetrical design in itself is tempting), but I think the disc version is really worth it.

PlayStation 5

You will cover the cost with cheaper toys

Disks are not always cheaper than digital ones downloads, but quite often it is. The The Last of Us Remastered is $ 5 cheaper on disk than it is for download. The Never: Automata is $ 10 cheaper on a disc than on the PlayStation Store. And for some reason we do not understand, the Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Definitive Edition is $ 50 cheaper on disk than if you buy it digitally. If you are willing to buy records, you can save even more money - and easily win that $ 100 for its lifetime console.

The disks are flexible

Look, we understand: Constantly changing discs is annoying. But discs have other advantages: When you buy a disc, you can install the game much faster than if you download it, especially if you have a slow connection to Internet. Definitely, you should download the occasional one code update, but this is usually a fraction of the size of the actual game.

If you have PS4 games on disc, the more expensive PlayStation 5 lets you use these games on your new device as well - if you buy the digital version, you'll have to buy your old ones again games or save your old PS4 for later use. (By the way, selling your old PS4 will easily offset that extra $ 100 of disc-capable PS5.)

Ultra HD Blu-ray is incredible

Lastly, remember that the drive does not only play PS4 and PS5 games - it also plays Ultra HD Blu-ray. We know that most of the world has moved on streaming for Movies and TV shows, but believe me: If you want to watch your movies with the best audio and video quality, 4K Blu-rays are definitely for you. Even if you did not intend to buy every movie in 4K again, you can do it because of the PS5 and you will be really impressed.

If the movies high grade are a little tempting for you, get the full PS5. Most Ultra HD Blu-ray players cost over $ 100 anyway, so it's really a great price for this functionality. In combination with all the above, you will save very easily money long term.

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