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The QAnon leader has disappeared since Election Day

As the first news broke that Joe Biden had won the US presidential election, the QAnon movement wondered where his leader was.


In far-right and conspiratorial channels, the Donald Trump Legion of Believers is gathering whatever evidence it can find to support that a widespread election fraud had taken place, leading Biden to be named the next President of the USA. Gatherings are planned in various states in which the Results. There is an emerging one strategy to pressure Republican lawmakers in Georgia, Arizona and elsewhere to ignore the results of the vote and send Republicans to the Electoral College anyway, essentially demanding Trump's "installation" despite the official election Results. Other supporters are convinced that the election results are all part of one plan invented by Q (QAnon leader) and Trump to direct condition.

In general, however, the QAnon movement did not mobilize as violently as many feared. Protests outside government houses and prefectural offices were, in some cases, messy but generally small. The only news of an extremist conspiracy seems to have come from a few arrests in Philadelphia with gun charges - researcher JJ MacNab has identified a suspect as a recognized QAnon fan. While we do not know what might happen in the coming weeks, things are relatively quiet so far.

But what is QAnon? QAnon claims that America is run by a group of pedophiles and Satan worshipers who run a global human trafficking operation and that President Trump is the only person who can stop them.

The fact that the movement is not active seems to be due to the silence of the leader of the movement who has the nickname Q. The leader of the movement has not published since the early morning hours of Election Day, when he uploaded a photo with a huge American flag, an excerpt from Abraham Lincoln and a promise that "together we win."


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The QAnon leader has disappeared since Election Day

With the first news coming out that Joe Biden won the US presidential election, the QAnon movement wonders where ...

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