HomesecurityChrome: New security feature when you click on various links

Chrome: New security feature when you click on various links

Google Chrome gets a new feature that increases security when you click on web links that open URLs in a new window or tab.

When inserting links in an HTML page, authors can include the target = ”_ blank” feature that tells the browser to open the link in a new tab when clicked.


However, this feature has a known security issue that allows the recently opened page to be used JavaScript to redirect her home page to a different URL. This redirect URL can be anything a hacker wants Phishing or pages that download automatically malicious files.

To avoid this, a rel = “noopener” HTML link feature was created that prevents a new tab from using JavaScript to redirect the page.

In 2018, to increase security, the Apple made a change to Safari which requires all HTML links that use the target = ”_ blank” to automatically use the noopener attribute. With this feature enabled, even if one website does not use rel = ”nooopener” in the URLs, the browser will keep them safe.

Last week, Microsoft Edge developer Eric Lawrence added the same feature to Chromium, which means it will also be ported to Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Brave and other Chromium-based browsers.

This feature is currently enabled in Chrome Canary and is expected to be released with Chrome 88 in January 2021.

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