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Apple: The new Macs are coming to change computer data!

Apple is expected to announce the first Macs today computers of which they will use her own chip and will look more like iPhone rather than with a standard computer. The iPhone maker has announced that it will change the "brain" of its computers over the next two years, starting with its new Macs that it will announce today.

For the past 14 years, Apple has relied on chips made by Intel, to power both laptop as well as desktop of. Before the end of the year, Apple said it would start producing computers with chips similar to those of the iPhone and iPad her.

Apple: The new Macs are coming to change computer data!

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, said in the summer that announced this initiative of Apple, that the company's vision for the Mac is to always adopt innovative innovations, but also to make bold changes. He added that Apple chips will lead to new technologies, while enhancing its computers with top-notch performance.

Apple has been in production for over a decade. The question that has occupied the company since 2011 when its co-founder, Steve Jobs, died, is what follows. The biggest Apple product show since then is Apple Watch, which has turned into a huge company, surpassing the entire Swiss watch industry last year by a huge margin.

Combining all Appliances its with the same chips and audience code, Apple will be able to offer consumers an experience that truly covers its laptops, desktops, phones and watches. Apple application developers have already stated that they will be able to create an application and send it to all devices, with keyboard and mouse adjustments against touch and gestures. The result can be a further confusion about what a computer is and what it should do.

Apple: The new Macs are coming to change computer data!

Apple has pointed out that its transition to new chips may not be smooth, as application developers are changing the way their applications are coded to work with this new machine. In addition, Apple promises most of the software we use, including web browsers, photo and movie editors from every company, and even its software Office suite of Microsoft, will work on new machines on the first day.

What is likely to change the most is the exterior of the laptop and desktop. Apple iPhones and iPads do not have fans to keep their chips cool.
One advantage Apple gets from switching to its own chips is that it will minimize production costs.

In particular, chip prices represent at least 20% of the cost of a laptop. So if Apple drops prices, it could attract new people who can no longer afford the company's laptops and desktops, which start at $ 999. It can also stimulate consumer interest, but also spark competition from other chipmakers, such as Qualcomm.



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