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Distance education collapsed: The online teaching system "fell"!

As of today, distance learning is mandatory for three weeks in high schools and lyceums, however, with the "good morning" the system collapsed despite the assurances of the Minister of Education, Nikis Kerameos, that they are properly prepared in the ministry.

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Although the Ministry of Education had months to prepare from the first lockdown, in case the compulsory distance learning needed to be implemented again in the future, in the end, as it turned out, the problems started from the very first hour.

According to parent reports, there are serious problems with the internet, at very low speeds, but also problems with the connection to the system.

Although students try to get into the Webex Meetings app, it "throws" them out by saying in the message that there was a connection problem.

After a communication that documentonews.gr had with the Ministry of Education, the officials stated that efforts are being made to correct the problem. According to unofficial information, they informed that there is a pan-European problem in CISCO, something that also affects the e-learning program.

Specifically, the General Secretariat for Primary, Secondary Education and Special Education clarifies the following:

The provider of the Webex platform has provided assurances that it is working to fix the problem and the full re-operation of the system has been launched.

Absences will obviously not be taken into account in cases where a technical problem has occurred.

It is noted that the Panhellenic School Network operates normally, as do all the platforms of the Ministry of Education and Religions.

It is a question whether the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Digital Policy were aware of the functionality of the platform. This is because according to complaints from students and teachers, about ten days ago, with less than 1.000 participants, the Webex of the multinational Cisco fell to a body supervised by the Ministry of Education and uses the platform, at the Hellenic Open University (EAP). Questions about the readiness of the "staff" services are increasing.

Source: documentonews.gr

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