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Hyperloop pod: The first trip was successful!

The American company technology transport Virgin Hyperloop took a huge step that brings closer the realization of a new form of transport, as the first people successfully traveled on a hyperloop pod.

The co-founder of the company, Josh Giegel, and the head of passenger experience, Sara Luchian, participated in the first essay. Giegel, as the project manager, took part in the test to show how confident he felt about the project, while Lucian was one of 40 employees of the company that volunteered to test the project. The company stressed that both participants had previously received the necessary education, to ensure they were healthy and prepared for the trip.

Hyperloop pod: The first trip was successful!
Hyperloop pod: The first trip was successful!

Representatives of Virgin Hyperloop said that great emphasis was placed on safety, given the level of attention the trip was likely to cause. They both walked into the hyperloop pod and showed the various exit points and procedures to ensure that, in case of failure, they could get out. Hyperloop noted that the two passengers would be in contact with the company's inspection office throughout the test.

Hyperloop envisions capsules with passengers and cargo moving rapidly through vacuum tunnels at speeds of 966 km / h or faster. With such a system, which is magnetically suspended to travel almost silently, a trip between New York and Washington would take about 30 minutes. The company has conducted over 400 non-passenger tests at the site in Nevada.

Hyperloop pod: The first trip was successful!
Hyperloop pod: The first trip was successful!

The test came a month after Reuters reported that Virgin Hyperloop had selected West Virginia to set up a $ 500.000.000 certification center and a test track to test its technology. THE company seeks certification by 2025 and commercial activities by 2030.

According to the BBC, the two passengers crossed a distance of 500 meters in 15 seconds - a speed which, although certainly high, is only a fraction of the speeds sought.

Hyperloop pod: The first trip was successful!
Hyperloop pod: The first trip was successful!

The two passengers traveled in a brand new, Hyperloop pod second generation, named XP-2, the Pegasus Pod. The XP-2 is designed to allow two passengers to sit comfortably in it. The passenger seats have huge five-point straps, as do the racing seats cars.

A company spokesman said proof that the pod is safe for humans is an important milestone in his journey. It may also encourage more investors and regulators authorities join to help fund the next stage of its development.


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