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Yahoo Mail: The automatic forwarding of emails to free users is stopped

Verizon removes the ability to automatically forward incoming emails from the Yahoo inbox to another email address for free Yahoo Mail users.

The operation will be abolished on January 1, 2021.

Yahoo Mail users who still want to use automatic email forwarding are encouraged to sign up for Yahoo Mail Pro, which costs $ 34,99 a year or $ 3,49 a month.


Yahoo Mail owner Verizon announced the change earlier this month and is now notifying users via email.

The company cited security as a reason for rejecting the feature.

"We regularly evaluate our products and services based on current security standards and have decided to remove this feature to ensure that free Yahoo Mail accounts remain secure," the company said in a FAQ post on October 31.

Automatic email forwarding is often misused. Hackers who hack email accounts often add their own email address as an automatic email forwarding rule to obtain carbon copies of all messages receiving a victim.

However, the function is also often used by legitimate users to aggregate email traffic into a single account.

Yahoo says that as soon as the new year begins, all email promotion rules will be disabled. The users who want to read their Yahoo emails should visit site of Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo Mail is believed to have more than three billions users. Many have abandoned her services company, after Yahoo announced two major breaches in the fall of 2016, one in September and one in December.

Existing Yahoo Mail users can check if they have auto-forwarding rules for their account by going to this link - or by clicking Settings at incoming in Yahoo Mail by selecting More Settings, selecting / clicking your account name in the list of accounts, and then searching for the Forwarding section (see image below).


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