HomesecurityThe X-Cart e-commerce platform has been attacked by ransomware

The X-Cart e-commerce platform has been attacked by ransomware

X-Cart, an e-commerce software vendor, suffered a ransomware attack in late October that "dropped" customer stores hosted on the company's hosting platform.

The incident is believed to have occurred after intruders exploited a vulnerability in third-party software to gain access to X-Cart's hosting store systems.

"We have identified the vulnerability, but we do not want to reveal who it is until it is confirmed by the company. security said us ", said Jeff Cohen, marketing representative of Seller Labs - the company behind X-Cart.

Cohen said the attackers gained access to a small number of servers, which encrypted, Effectively downloading X-Cart stores. Some stores "fell" completely, while others reported problems by sending notifications via e-mail.

X-Cart ransomware

"The outage affected a small percentage of our infrastructure, mainly our shared hosting servers. "Our basics systems they were not affected, "said Cohen.

Cohen, meanwhile, said: "Everyone has been rehabilitated ever since sites of customers. ”

Nevertheless, the outage, which lasted a few days, led some store owners to sue the company.

Cohen said the company's "first priority" during the ransomware attack "was to get every customer back to Internet and ensure that we have a stable and secure system».

The director of Seller Labs stated that he keeps the channels of communication open with any customer affected by the recent ransomware attack and encouraged them to contact the company for help or any question.

As to whether Seller Labs paid the ransomware gang to retrieve its files, Cohen said he chose to retrieve them from backups and that the payment could not be made in any way, because “the hacker did not provide any way communication.

X-Cart is part of a large list of ransomware events that have affected various web hosting and data center providers. The list includes companies Equinix, CyrusOne, Cognizant, A2 Hosting, SmarterASP.NET, and Internet Nayana.

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