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United Kingdom: NCSC-Microsoft Partnership in Cybersecurity!

The United Kingdom National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) is working with Microsoft to support the program Cyber ​​Accelerator. It is a program that supports the development of new cyber companies aiming to bring new, better, faster and cheaper security products to market, and to find and develop new businesses that can make the UK the safest place to live and one works online.

The seventh program in the series will run from January to March 2021 and the NCSC will work with Microsoft to encourage more businesses apply and offer more experience and knowledge to participants. The participating companies are selected through an open competition, using technical challenges provided by the NCSC. These challenges identify areas of weakness in the cyber security, where new products are needed.

United Kingdom: NCSC-Microsoft Partnership in Cybersecurity!

During the program, start-ups receive commercial and unique development opportunities access in the technologies of NCSC and the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) world class, to facilitate the development of their products. That said program is a collaboration between the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS), NCSC and Wayra (part of Telefonica).

According to Infosecurity Magazine, Microsoft will provide access to its own accelerator alumni network, cybersecurity experts and in cloud, as well as access to powerful technology such as the platform Azure cloud and the GitHub Enterprise. The program will focus on "smart" cities and the dangers that exist in cyberspace regarding the following:

  • Information data - solutions that allow the secure use of data and are functionally viable in a "smart" city
  • Status awareness - tools capable of recognizing non - traditional devices such as and production from a number of different suppliers, all with their own security risk profile
  • Interconnection with Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) - Solutions to shape NCSC leadership in the emerging landscape of “smart” technologies interacting with CNI
  • Construction and robotics - given the mobile nature of robotics systems in uncontrolled and semi-controlled environments, NCSC seeks innovative ways to scale or adjust existing mitigation to ensure robots function properly to prevent damage, accident or malicious performance degradation
United Kingdom: NCSC-Microsoft Partnership in Cybersecurity!

Amali de Alwis, CEO of Microsoft for Startups in the UK, said: "We are excited to partner with NCSC to support UK-based companies developing innovative technology solutions to help us build better 'smart' cities». In addition, Chris Ensor, deputy director of Cyber ​​Skills and Growth at NCSC, said: "We are grateful to Microsoft for its involvement in the Cyber ​​Accelerator program and for helping us to innovate in cybersecurity.".

United Kingdom: NCSC-Microsoft Partnership in Cybersecurity!

Ensor recommends that all UK cybersecurity companies take a look at the Cyber ​​Accelerator program and consider applying. Successful candidates will receive support from our world-class experts, who will provide them with the most advanced security solutions of the future.


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