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Home security Campari Group: The beverage company was attacked by ransomware

Campari Group: The beverage company was attacked by ransomware

Η Campari Group, the popular beverage company behind well-known brands such as Campari, Cinzano and Appleton, "Hit" by a ransomware attack, thus shutting down much of its IT network.

Campari Group

According to the data, the ransomware attack took place last Sunday, November 1. The gang is said to be behind the attack RagnarLocker. Specifically, a researcher malware, with the pseudonym Pancak3, shared with ZDNet a copy of the ransom note received by Campari Group. In this note, it appears that the company fell victim to RagnarLocker ransomware.

The gang is now trying to blackmail her companyto pay the ransom. The hackers claim that only if payment is made will Campari files be decrypted.

However, to further exacerbate the situation, ransomware gang threatens to publish archives stolen from the Campari network, if the company does not pay the ransom within the deadline given to it (one week after the initial invasion).

The hackers have already posted in Dark web some screenshots from the company's internal network and some documents, to prove the attack. The RagnarLocker gang has one on the dark web own "leak site", where it sets out data victims who do not pay the ransom. In one of the screenshots that have been published, there is a copy of the contract that Campari signed with the American actor Matthew McConaughey for the Wild Turkey bourbon brand.


The ransom demanded by the ransomware gang from Campari Group is 15 million dollars.

However, the Italian company has not responded to hackers and seems to tries to restore them systems on its own. A brief press release was issued on Tuesday, in which Campari said it was working on a "gradual restart safely".

In the same press release, Campari Group said that detected the intrusion immediately and acted quickly, isolating the affected systems. The company believes that this incident will not have a significant impact on its finances.

Campari Group is the second largest beverage company after Arizona Beverages, which has been hit by ransomware attack the last two years.


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