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Home security Beaufort Hospital: data from 12.600 patients leaked due to error

Beaufort Hospital: data from 12.600 patients leaked due to error

Early last August, the hospital Beaufort Memorial Hospital, suffered data breach due to an error, as announced by the organization itself.


The medical Center mentioned the infringement into a federal officials on October 2.

According to federal data, the US Department of State's Department of Health and Human Services, is already running investigations about the event. The service regularly checks for data breaches in the healthcare sector.

As announced by Courtney McDermott, its representative BMH, the data have not revealed so far that the data of patients have been used for fraudulent purposes after leakage their.

According to McDermott, the incident at Beaufort Hospital was as follows:

BMH began informing 12.636 patients in early August of one error related to billing and collection notifications sent on August 1st, after the problem was discovered two days later.

The names and account numbers in these letters did not correspond to the delivery addresses, as discovered by the hospital during an internal examination.

Social security numbers, credit card or bank account details, dates of birth, insurance or health care information are not included, writes McDermott.

The U.S. Postal Service returned many of the notices as non-deliverables.

"Beaufort Hospital has taken steps to mitigate any unintentional disclosure of personal information," McDermott added. BMH provides "additional training" to staff on the subject, destroys and rejects safety the wrong letters and uses a two-factor authentication process for those who received letters and had questions about their accounts.


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